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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Padel players who want to use this opportunity to become coaches and teach professionally. 
  • Padel coaches that want to recycle and expand their knowledge.
  • Clubs that need complementary training unifying teaching criteria.

The CPC course is a hybrid between online and face-to-face training. It consists of 3 blocks:

  • BLOCK 1: online training PRIOR to the face-to-face part. This block has 6 modules and a total of 48 chapters with their respective multiple choice questionnaires. It is necessary to complete the online part in order to be able to move on to the face-to-face part with the necessary guarantees of concepts.

  • BLOCK 2: face to face training. Three days of face-to-face training, where two of them are dedicated to the practical training of the modules of block 1 and the third day is dedicated to exams.

  • BLOCK 3: Continuous training and final project. After the online and face-to-face training of blocks 1 and 2, we want to continue accompanying you in your development. We have designed an online block of continuous training that will be unlocked week after week in your profile on the platform. In addition, you will have to upload a project of 4 school lessons of beginner, intermediate or advanced level, filling in the characteristics of the document that will be on the platform.

Yes and no. Given the strong demand we are having and wanting to provide solutions to the students involved in the training, we have enabled the possibility of being able to register for the course, do ONLY the online part and in case of not being able to attend the face-to-face part, be able to attend another one that fits better due to geographical location (subject to availability).

Practical example:

A student from Barcelona registers for the Madrid course but is unable to attend the face-to-face part. From PadelMBA support he/she is given access to the online part and takes it in the same way as his/her fellow students. When a new call is published, you have the possibility to take the face-to-face part.

You will not obtain the CPC Certificate only with the online part, it is also necessary to complete the on-site part and the continuous training.

In each call, access to the online content is provided approximately 20 to 25 days before the face-to-face training. Taking into account that the 6 online modules are 48 chapters, with a daily dedication of 1 hour, block 1 will be completed without any problem.

You can see our assessment criteria where you will find all the exams explained.

See assessment criteria

  • If you are unable to attend on the date stipulated by PADELMBA for the Certified Padel Coach, you will be able to sit any other exam, with 20 days’ notice, within 1 year of the start date of the course.

Our aim is that you can take this course without it affecting your academic, personal or work commitments. Therefore, we allow plenty of time for you to visualise the content.

In the same way, if you are unable to attend the course, you will be able to attend another one, subject to availability.

With the completion of this Certified Padel Coach we will include you in a job bank in order to send you different offers in clubs, both in Spain and abroad, with which PadelMBA has developed different collaboration agreements. We will send you any offer related to padel coaching or sports management.

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