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We have it and it is called Padelmba!

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The training solution to start a professional career as a coach, head coach or a padel school/Club manager.

University Master's Degrees

Padelmba and Universidad de Murcia offer three online university master's degrees related to padel.

School Planning

An interactive document with training content for coaches and schools with a planning for a 9 months course

Online courses

High quality microlearning for the sport sector, both amateur and professional players and focused on the sport of padel.

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Personalized consulting

We prepare you to launch the complete product range in the market and boost your business. In addition, we offer you a special training covering all the necessary aspects to be able to manage and run your company.

A unique sales tool

We put our technology at your service. We provide our franchisees with all the digital and audiovisual resources.

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A training programme that is endorsed and recognised all over the world!

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We analyze

We review the case, inform you about the requirements and send you a proposal.

We make the arrangements

Team consulting and training and management of licences and procedures.

We launch the company!

Welcome to Padelmba! You can start selling all the products.

We accompany you

Monitoring of all processes with monthly reporting and consultancy service.
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