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Flexible methodology

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Online courses to advance your Padel skills to the next level

PadelMBA does more than provide training and information, it offers an unparalleled padel experience that has become synonymous with expertise and innovation.

Companies including PadelNuestro, Bullpadel, ThePowerMBA, Manzasport, SportReset and PascalBox hold this one-of-a-kind project in high esteem.

Courses on demand/Anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re at home or taking a break from work, our courses are just a few clicks away on any device.

Approachable lesson structures

The PadelMBA method is based on micro-learning; our classes are 10-15 minutes long so you can always find the time to get in your daily lesson.

Anyone Can Padel

Our courses are adapted to meet the needs of all types of players, coaches, and professionals in the world of Padel.

For player

Courses designed to suit your needs at any level

Improve your techniques and tactics so you can bring your A-game every day on the court.

Our courses will also teach you the optimal physical conditioning for a padel player

PadelMBA - jugador de pádel aprendiendo
PadelMBA - monitor de pádel formándo

For professionals

A growth opportunity for instructors, coaches, and trainers

Give your career a boost by expanding your knowledge and fine-tuning your work methodology for your sessions with students.

For sports clubs

For sports club owners, investors, and managers who want to enhance their businesses

The management courses offer top-tier instruction in the fundamental concepts and tools of the trade that a successful Club Manager needs.

You will learn elements of design, organization and promotion regarding the core services of a padel club. We also explain how to maximize the profitability of your club through secondary services and associated partners.

PadelMBA - Vita10 club deportivo tienda

Our team

Great professionals of the sector who make it possible

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Horazio Álvarez


Seba Nerone


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Pablo Aymà


Jorge Bellmont