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It might be a surprise to see a training regimen involving some of the world’s best players and the Best Coach of 2019 priced much lower than other similar programmes. We have two main reasons to keep our prices accessible:
  • Our goal is to provide anyone who wants to learn with the highest quality training, not just those who can afford expensive training and equipment.
  • We firmly believe in turning the typical business model upside-down while we pursue Value Innovation: better value, at a lower cost. At PadelMBA, we want to change the equation.
Our mission is share the comprehensive knowledge and training of our experienced team in order to leave a lasting mark on your personal and professional development.

Nowadays, we all enjoy content in video format. Streaming and downloadable video is the standard for entertainment and training in many fields; look no further than global platforms such as YouTube, Netflix and ThePowerMBA that offer their content exclusively in digital.

Without a doubt, this is the modern user’s preferred way to access information in any sphere. As many people find themselves struggling to fit entertainment or training into their work and family schedules, we at PadelMBA make it easy to keep up with our multimedia lessons, accessible at any time from any device.

The PadelMBA community is made up of padel players, instructors and coaches, physical trainers, club directors and centre owners, all highly motivated to continue learning. Our
applicants indicate a great interest in our format, a strong desire to develop and achieve success through training, and a determination to take advantage of every opportunity.

We developed our curriculum in response to popular demand, as an opportunity to address problems that currently exist in the market. For this reason, we cover every facet of the Padel world from the game (technique, tactics and strategy), to specific physical conditioning, to teaching, and to everything related to organization, such as management of paddle clubs. Under this macro-programme any student, whoever they are, will have a guaranteed place to go and gain the tools they need to learn and/or develop their skillset.
  • Our content and recordings combine the theory of the game with practice to help develop your game throughout the duration of the course.
  • At PadelMBA we believe in two basic premises for our new-school approach to training:
    1. Constancy as the key to learning.
    2. A high level of selectivity with the topics we choose to highlight; we refuse to follow
      the traditional model of “the more content, the better”.

PadelMBA works like your favorite streaming service. You can advance at the pace you want, following the guide developed by directors and trainers exclusively dedicated to this field.

The entire Padel Player course consists of 30 short recorded lessons with downloadable supplemental material. Each course presents its content and price in advance.
The total length of the course will vary depending on the student’s dedication. At PadelMBA we estimate that, at a rate of a class per day, the Padel Player course can be completed in 2 months.

PadelMBA was created by a group of professionals, entrepreneurs and managers, who practice and/or have founded, managed and sold companies within the padel sector, as well as different coaches associated with the best clubs in Spain and the WPT professional circuit.

No. Regulated courses are required to stick to rigid Study Plans, which is contrary to our model’s flexible approach. PadelMBA courses, after the corresponding in-person qualifications, confer private certifications. On the other hand, even without in-person qualifications, we offer an incomparable learning guide for anyone who wants to learn padel in an approachable way.

When you purchase a course, you become a part of the PadelMBA Community, along with all the advantages and discounts we offer for all face-to-face events and upcoming courses. You will also have direct contact with our customer service professionals, who can help you resolve any doubts or concerns that arise.

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