Certificate course for padel coaches at advanced level

Take your padel pro knowledge to the next level

If you are already a professional padel player, this course will give you an advanced vision to improve your teaching model through basics and tools taught by different professionals in the sector.

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Certified Padel Coach Plus



(Online block)

Blocks of this certification

Our certification is divided into two blocks: online and in-person experience.


Online training

In this block you will have access to our PadelMBA Academy platform where you will be able to do your theoretical training online.


In-person experience

The second block takes place in a face-to-face session where you will put the knowledge from the first block into practice on the court.

How does it work?

Here we explain the certification process.

Online registration

Fill in the PadelMBA Academy registration and purchase process of the certification you want to take.1

In-person experience registration

If you only purchased the online block, you will need to sign up for an in-person experience to complete your certification.2

In-person experience

Complete your certification during the days of our in-person experience.3
Online block
In-person experience

Registration forms

We give you the option to do them together or separately:


Start today
  • Online platform access
  • Templates
  • School planning
  • Theoretical knowledge diploma.


Online + In-person experience

Immediate online access. In person, depending on the call for applications
  • Content of the online block
  • Welcome pack
  • Final project
  • Official certification

Contents of the online block

  • 3 lessons and a quiz
  • 15 lessons and quiz
  • 5 lessons and quiz
  • 10 lessons and quiz
  • 5 lessons and quiz

Additional content after completion of the online block

  • 5 lessons and quiz
  • 3 lessons and quiz
  • 5 lessons and quiz
  • 3 lessons and quiz
  1. Physical capacities applied in padel
  2. Physical preparation exercises
  3. Kid’s padel
  4. Kid’s padel exercises

* Block not open to examination

In-person experience

Review and put into practice on the court with our coaches all the blocks that make up the online training.

At the end of the first part, a final project will be carried out applying all the tools and knowledge learnt.

Who can take the courses?

Padel players

who want to change their business model and take advantage of the opportunity to make a professional living teaching their favourite sport.

Padel and tennis coaches

who want to recycle and broaden their knowledge in a certification that brings together classic and contemporary concepts in the search for solutions.

Managers, directors or coordinators

who want to organise and/or manage a padel club, any of its areas or any of the activities that take place in that facility.


who need complementary training for their employees, to understand the business, establish strategies, form work teams, etc.


who want to invest and learn about the padel club sector, types of clubs, management models, goals, trends, etc.


with goals for the future. More than 100 countries have already validated the business model and are taking advantage of their padel training.

Coaches of Certified Padel

Learn from the best professionals with years of experience in padel.

Contact our team

If you have any doubts about enrolling or would like to speak to our certification managers, you can write to us using the following form or by any other means:

1 By registering for the online block only, you will only pay for the online block. You will not have access to complete your certification unless you register and complete payment for the desired on-site block. Time limits may apply for enrolment in one of the available face-to-face sessions from the time a learner registers for the online block. Mandatory entry requirements may also apply and must be provided at a later date. You will be able to consult all the conditions of each certification when you enrol.

2 If you have enrolled only in the online block, you will only be able to consult and register for the available exams from your private panel of the academy. To register for one of our courses at a later date, you will have to pay the difference of the variable registration fee for each of them.

3 On the days following the exam day, you will be able to consult the marks of the assessments. If you have passed them, you will receive the official digital certificate of the corresponding grade.