Certified courses for club managers

Discover the keys to boosting the profitability of your padel club

In this certification, you will learn how to analyse and propose protocols and strategy to successfully address the main difficulties of managing a club.

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Certified Padel Manager


Blocks of this certification

Our certification is a single online block.


Online training

In this block you will have access to our PadelMBA Academy platform where you will be able to do your theoretical training online.

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Contents of the online block

  1. The concept of “Quality” in a Padel Club: concept
  2. The concept of “Quality” in a paddle tennis club: tools
  3. The “Loyalty” in a Padel Club
  4. The “Community” in a Padel Club
  5. The importance of “Branding” in a Padel Club
  1. The power of “The Database
  2. Communications; concept, strategies and consequences 
  3. Communications; internal and external dimension 
  4. Communications; breakdown and classification
  5. Communications plan
  6. Promotion of a padel club in “social media” by Manu Martín
  1. Characteristics of a Padel Club
  2. Strategic vision
  3. How to calculate the value of your padel club by Diego Rivas
  4. Padel clubs in the world by Pablo Carro
  5. Complementary services in a padel club by Gonzalo Pérez
  6. Accounting and finances in a padel club by Miguel Cuesta
  1. Starting a padel club
  2. Concepts: Lines of development and access models
  3. Concepts: Direct and indirect management and service scheme
  4. Partners in a padel club
  5. Alliance in a padel club: the Fed Mad de Pádel by José Luis Rivero
  1. Concept, relevance in a club and types of products
  2. Activity design and organisation
  3. Promotion of the activity and measurement of the activity
  4. The figure of the coordinator by Federico Bitán
  5. Competition school
  1. Concept, relevance in a club and types of products 
  2. Activity design and organisation
  3. Promotion of the activity and measurement of the activity
  4. Match organisation by Manu Ozámiz
  1. Concept, relevance in a club and types of products 
  2. Activity design and organisation
  3. Promotion of the activity and measurement of the activity
  4. Assignment of spaces for external companies
  1. Staff and work teams in Padel Clubs 
  2. Delegation of common and specific tasks
  3. Metrics, bonuses and promos for the staff
  4. Automation and domotics in a padel club by Manu Ozamiz
  5. Virtual Reception by Ricardo de las Heras
  1. Ranks of management in a padel club 
  2. Management techniques and formulas of a Padel Club Manager
  3. The Padel Club Manager: profile 
  4. The Padel Club Manager: competencies, responsibilities and managerial skills 
  5. Legal responsibility and types of contracts

Additional content after completion of the online block

  1. Padel Academy “Indoor Padel Training”.
  2. Amateur circuit “Time2Padel”.
  3. Public concession competition “School Padel Center”.
  4. Partner of a padel club “Kombat”.
  5. Padel Manager software for competitions
  6. Domotics in a padel club
  7. Padel club: group of clubs
  1. Control panel in a Padel Club
  2. Protocols for customer service staff
  3. Basic customer service guidelines in a paddle tennis club

* Block not open to examination

Who can take the courses?

Padel and tennis coaches

who want to recycle and broaden their knowledge in a certification that brings together classic and contemporary concepts in the search for solutions.

Managers, directors or coordinators

who want to organise and/or manage a padel club, any of its areas or any of the activities that take place in that facility.


who need complementary training for their employees, to understand the business, establish strategies, form work teams, etc.


who want to invest and learn about the padel club sector, types of clubs, management models, goals, trends, etc.

Certified Padel Faculty

Learn from the best professionals with years of experience in padel.

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2 If you have enrolled only in the online block, you will only be able to consult and register for the available exams from your private panel of the academy. To register for one of our courses at a later date, you will have to pay the difference of the variable registration fee for each of them.

3 On the days following the exam day, you will be able to consult the marks of the assessments. If you have passed them, you will receive the official digital certificate of the corresponding grade.