Discover the keys to boosting the profitability of your padel club

In this certification, you will learn how to analyse and propose protocols and strategy to successfully address the main difficulties of managing a club.

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Certified Padel Manager


Blocks of this certification

Our certification is a single online block.


Online training

In this block you will have access to our PadelMBA Academy platform where you will be able to do your theoretical training online.

Online registration

Online registration and payment with immediate access


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  • Online platform access
  • Work tools
  • School planning Initiation
  • Manager certification

Contents of the online block

  1. Concept of quality
  2. Measuring quality
  3. Loyalty in a padel club
  4. The community in a padel club
  5. Branding
  1. The power of “The Database”
  2. Communications: concept, strategies and consequences
  3. Communications: internal and external dimension
  4. Communications: concept, strategies and consequences
  5. Communications: internal and external dimension
  6. Communications: details and classification
  7. Communications plan for a padel club
  8. Promoting a padel club on social media con Manu Martín
  1. Characteristics in a padel club
  2. Strategic vision of the club
  3. How to calculate the value of your padel club – Diego Rivas
  4. Padel clubs around the world – Pablo Carro
  5. Complementary services in a padel club – Gonzalo Pérez
  6. Accounting and finance in a padel club – Miguel Cuesta
  1. First steps in the creation of a padel club
  2. Management concepts; “lines of development” and “access models”
  3. Management concepts; “Scheme of services and direct and indirect management”
  4. Padel club partners
  5. Partnership in a padel club: Federación Madrileña de Padel – José Luís Rivero
  1. Concept and products of the school activity
  2. School activity design
  3. Organisation of the school activity
  4. Promotion of the school activity
  5. Measuring school activity
  6. The figure of the coordinator – Federico Bitán
  1. Concept and relevance in a club
  2. Types of products
  3. Activity organisation
  4. Organised matches
  1. Staff and work teams in Padel Clubs
  2. Work team organisation
  3. Automation and domotics in a padel club with Manu Ozamiz
  4. Metrics, bonuses and staff promos
  5. Virtual reception
  1. Staff and work teams in Padel Clubs 
  2. Delegation of common and specific tasks
  3. Metrics, bonuses and promos for the staff
  4. Automation and domotics in a padel club by Manu Ozamiz
  5. Virtual Reception by Ricardo de las Heras
  1. Positions, ranks and general performance scheme of a Padel Club Manager
  2. Legal liability and types of contracts
  3. Management constraints and profile of the padel club manager

Additional content after completion of the online block

  1. Get indoor – Jorge Muñoz
  2. Padel club management softwares – Sergio Servent
  3. Padel Prix – Kike Conde
  1. Working tools

* Module not open to examination

Who can take the courses?

Padel and tennis coaches

who want to recycle and broaden their knowledge in a certification that brings together classic and contemporary concepts in the search for solutions.

Managers, directors or coordinators

who want to organise and/or manage a padel club, any of its areas or any of the activities that take place in that facility.


who need complementary training for their employees, to understand the business, establish strategies, form work teams, etc.


who want to invest and learn about the padel club sector, types of clubs, management models, goals, trends, etc.

Certified Padel Faculty

Learn from the best professionals with years of experience in padel.

Questions and Answers

If you have any doubts when it comes to enrolling, here is a compilation of the most common questions and answers.

  • Anyone who likes “the organisation and management of sports activities and facilities” and is looking to acquire and/or expand their knowledge, as well as obtain tools and guidelines that will facilitate professional work related to the subject (management of facilities and padel clubs); especially aimed at; receptionists, trainers, coordinators, graduates, managers, investors, etc.


It is a 100% online course accessed through the padelmba website and platform, where you will find audiovisual material, pdf files and direct contact with the CLUB MANAGER area of PadelMBA. Once you sign up, you will receive your passwords to access chapter 1 and so on after completing the tests in each chapter. Once you have completed this process with all the chapters (module 1 to 9) you will access the final test and from there the final project. Once you have corrected this project, you will access module 10, which consists of new chapters with interviews with leading personalities in the sector, chapters of expanded content and tools that will facilitate your work as Padel Club Managers.

Yes, there would be no problem on our part but we advise you to complete the requirements mentioned above (viewing all the chapters, review test of each chapter, final test and final project) in order to receive the certificate that accredits you as a CERTIFIED PADEL MANAGER.

When you register and pay for the course on the padelmba website, you decide the pace, place and device that suits you to take the course.

In the event that a specific session is organised, you will be able to access the content at the agreed and/or published time, so that you can visualise and understand the course content in good time.

A short review test questionnaire at the end of each chapter consisting of 5 questions, a final test of assimilation of content consisting of 40 questions and a final project where; analyse, propose solutions, indicate guidelines, etc. of 3 real situations as Padel Club Managers.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Review test / chapter -> You must answer 100% of the answers correctly, there is no limit to the number of attempts.
  • Final test -> You must answer at least 80% of the answers correctly in a comfortable amount of time, otherwise you will be able to repeat the exam until this happens.
  • Final project -> You must analyse and answer a series of questions based on practical situations of a “Padel Club Manager”. This exam can be handed in within 1 month after being sent by Padelmba.

By whatsapp and email you can contact us whenever you need to clarify issues related to the course content, provide feedback, etc.  For questions regarding access to the course, platform, passwords, payments, etc. it is necessary to contact Padelmba support.

No, although it is highly recommended, we can also provide you with access to certain reference clubs so that you can broaden your knowledge and experience, carrying out tasks related to the profession of “Padel Club Manager” in these facilities.

Click on the following link for brief instructions on how to solve it. FAQ 

Contact our team

If you have any doubts about enrolling or you want to talk to our certification managers, you can write to us through the following form or by any other means:

1 By registering for the online block only, you will only pay for the online block. You will not have access to complete your certification unless you register and complete payment for the desired on-site block. Time limits may apply for enrolment in one of the available face-to-face sessions from the time a learner registers for the online block. Mandatory entry requirements may also apply and must be provided at a later date. You will be able to consult all the conditions of each certification when you enrol.

2 If you have enrolled only in the online block, you will only be able to consult and register for the available exams from your private panel of the academy. To register for one of our courses at a later date, you will have to pay the difference of the variable registration fee for each of them.

3 On the days following the exam day, you will be able to consult the marks of the assessments. If you have passed them, you will receive the official digital certificate of the corresponding grade.

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