Start your professional career as an instructor, coach or manager of a club or school.

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Online training

Audiovisual content adapted to working and academic life

Continuous training

Extra content at the end of the course upon completion of training


PadelMBA coach and manager with international recognition

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Who can take the courses?

Padel players

who want to change their business model and take advantage of the opportunity to make a professional living teaching their favourite sport.

Padel and tennis coaches

who want to recycle and broaden their knowledge in a certification that brings together classic and contemporary concepts in the search for solutions.

Managers, directors or coordinators

who want to organise and/or manage a padel club, any of its areas or any of the activities that take place in that facility.


who need complementary training for their employees, to understand the business, establish strategies, form work teams, etc.


who want to invest and learn about the padel club sector, types of clubs, management models, goals, trends, etc.


with goals for the future. More than 100 countries have already validated the business model and are taking advantage of their padel training.

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