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What is Certified Padel Manager?

PadelMBA presents its certification for investors, managers or coordinators in a padel club. This is a basic guide, based on the reflections of Dani Fdez and other leading professionals. You will be able to work efficiently and carry out management with guarantees of success in a sector that is evolving and proves to be very competitive.


Learn at your own pace through a micro-learning system; the concepts, strategies and guidelines to carry out an adequate management, and how to apply it in your installation.


We will be based on the studies, testimonials, examples and tools most commonly used in the business sector, sports facilities and more specifically in paddle tennis clubs.


As each club and each Club Manager is unique, at Certified Padel Manager we offer you direct contact with the teaching staff for the resolution of doubts, situations, etc.


Short chapters (approx. 10 min) in audiovisual format for easy and orderly assimilation. Mailing for consultation and access to webinar and whatsapp group with the Club Manager team.

Course presentation

Content course in 2 blocks


Block 01 (module theory 1 - 9)

  1. Concept of quality
  2. Measuring quality
  3. Loyalty in a padel club
  4. The community in a padel club
  5. Branding
  1. The power of “The Database”
  2. Communications: concept, strategies and consequences
  3. Communications: internal and external dimension
  4. Communications: concept, strategies and consequences
  5. Communications: internal and external dimension
  6. Communications: details and classification
  7. Communications plan for a padel club
  8. Promoting a padel club on social media by Manu Martín
  1. Characteristics in a padel club
  2. Strategic vision of the club
  3. How to calculate the value of your padel club by Diego Rivas
  4. Padel clubs around the world by Pablo Carro
  5. Complementary services in a padel club by Gonzalo Pérez
  6. Accounting and finance in a padel club by Miguel Cuesta
  1. Starting a padel club
  2. Concepts: Lines of development and access models
  3. Concepts: Direct and indirect management and service scheme
  4. Partners in a padel club
  5. Partnership in a padel club: the Fed Mad de Padel by José Luís Rivero
  1. Concept, relevance in a club and types of products
  2. Activity design and organisation
  3. Promotion of the activity and measurement of the activity
  4. The figure of the coordinator by Federico Bitán
  5. Competition school
  1. Concept, relevance in a club and types of products 
  2. Activity design and organisation
  3. Activity promotion and activity measurement
  4. Match organisation by Manu Ozámiz
  1. Concept, relevance in a club and types of products 
  2. Activity design and organisation
  3. Promotion of the activity and measurement of the activity
  4. Assignment of spaces for external companies
  1. Staff and work teams in Padel Clubs 
  2. Delegation of common and specific tasks
  3. Metrics, bonuses and promos for the staff
  4. Automation and domotics in a padel club by Manu Ozamiz
  5. Virtual Reception by Ricardo de las Heras
  1. Ranks of management in a padel club 
  2. Management techniques and formulas of a Padel Club
  3. Manager
  4. The Padel Club Manager: profile 
  5. The Padel Club Manager: competencies, responsibilities and managerial skills 
  6. Legal responsibility and types of contracts


Block 02 (theory)

  • At the end of each chapter you will be able to access a content review test.
  • After viewing and understanding all the chapters (modules 1 to 9), you will be able to access the general test.

After receiving the grades of the final test, you will proceed to the delivery of the final project, which basically consists of a questionnaire where you will be able to analyse and solve “real situations” of a Padel Club Manager.

  • Padel Academy “Indoor Padel Training”.
  • Amateur circuit “Time2Padel”
  • Public concession competition “School Padel Center”
  • Partner of a padel club “Kombat”
  • Padel Manager software for competitions
  • Domotics in a padel club
  • Padel club: group of clubs
  • Control panel in a Padel Club
  • Protocols for customer service staff
  • Basic customer service guidelines in a padel club

*Continuous Training (module 10) will not be assessed, it is additional content for our students.

Who can take the course?


who want to organise and/or manage a padel club, any of its areas or more specifically any of the activities that take place in that facility.


training for their employees in order to achieve; understanding the business, establishing strategies, forming work teams, applying processes, using specific tools, etc.


who want to change their business model by using their knowledge and experience to be able to manage their own school or access coordination/management roles within a club.


who want to invest and learn about the padel club sector, types of clubs, management models, goals, trends, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who likes “the organisation and management of sports activities and facilities” and is looking to acquire and/or expand their knowledge, as well as obtain tools and guidelines that will facilitate professional work related to the subject (management of facilities and padel clubs); especially aimed at; receptionists, trainers, coordinators, graduates, managers, investors, etc.

It is a 100% online course accessed through the padelmba website and platform, where you will find audiovisual material, pdf files and direct contact with the CLUB MANAGER area of PadelMBA. Once you sign up, you will receive your passwords to access chapter 1 and so on after completing the tests in each chapter. Once you have completed this process with all the chapters (module 1 to 9) you will access the final test and from there the final project. Once you have corrected this project, you will access module 10, which consists of new chapters with interviews with leading personalities in the sector, chapters of expanded content and tools that will facilitate your work as Padel Club Managers.

Yes, there would be no problem on our part but we advise you to complete the requirements mentioned above (viewing all the chapters, review test of each chapter, final test and final project) in order to receive the certificate that accredits you as a CERTIFIED PADEL MANAGER.

When you register and pay for the course on the padelmba website, you decide the pace, place and device that suits you to take the course.

In the event that a specific session is organised, you will be able to access the content at the agreed and/or published time, so that you can visualise and understand the course content in good time.

A short review test questionnaire at the end of each chapter consisting of 5 questions, a final test of assimilation of content consisting of 40 questions and a final project where; analyse, propose solutions, indicate guidelines, etc. of 3 real situations as Padel Club Managers.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Review test / chapter -> You must answer 100% of the answers correctly, there is no limit to the number of attempts.
  • Final test -> You must answer at least 80% of the answers correctly in a comfortable amount of time, otherwise you will be able to repeat the exam until this happens.
  • Final project -> You must analyse and answer a series of questions based on practical situations of a “Padel Club Manager”. This exam can be handed in within 1 month after being sent by Padelmba.

Once the final test has been completed, each student will be able to request (via email) a WEBINAR with the PADEL CLUB MANAGER team to get to know each other and ask for feedback, curiosities, doubts, situations, etc. about what has been learnt and with a view to the final project.

By whatsapp and email you can contact us whenever you need to clarify issues related to the course content, provide feedback, etc.  For questions regarding access to the course, platform, passwords, payments, etc. it is necessary to contact Padelmba support.

No, although it is highly recommended, we can also provide you with access to certain reference clubs so that you can broaden your knowledge and experience, carrying out tasks related to the profession of “Padel Club Manager” in these facilities.

Click on the following link for brief instructions on how to solve it. FAQ