An advanced Padel course for players of all levels!

Learn to understand the game and the different attacking and defensive strategies that will take your repertoire of options to the next level as you make the right decisions at the right time - a tactical manual not to be missed!

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Padel Master vol.1

Padel Master Vol. 1

We want to help you understand the game better and make the right decisions at all times. Marcos del Pilar has designed an exciting journey through all areas of the court where we will review, step by step, how to correctly execute each of the strokes and the different alternatives that you can use depending on the different situations and areas in which you find yourself.

We will cover different strategies of attack, defence and counterattack and we will review fundamental concepts such as speed, space, height and many others that will help you to understand Padel in a different way, to make better decisions, to improve your accuracy rates and above all, to enjoy playing this wonderful sport much more.

We will also review advanced tactical principles and help you to create patterns of play that will make you shine to your full potential. We hope you enjoy this journey as much or more than we have as we have prepared it for you.

What will you learn in this course?

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Padel: a quick overview before you get started
  3. How to switch from tennis to padel quickly
  4. Padel basics
  5. Basic strategies: Beginning to understand the game
  6. Wall rebounds
  7. Counterattacking strategies
  8. Volleys
  9. The aerial game
  10. Attacking strategies
  11. The serve and the return
  12. How to plan a match



12 lessons


15 min