Padel Club Manager

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A useful guide that explains how a Padel Club Manager carries out his profession; competences, responsibilities, tasks, techniques, basic concepts, etc. with a great final objective: to lead a project to obtain the maximum performance of the facility in an efficient and prolonged manner over time.



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In this course you will find the guidelines, concepts and tools to be a professional Club Manager. In terms of content; we will understand how to classify the different types of padel facilities in an orderly manner. We will learn how to design, organise, promote and measure the main services of a padel club and finally we will explain how to obtain the maximum profitability of the club through secondary services and associated partners. The course consists of 8 chapters and 2 interviews based mainly on the experience and criteria of Daniel Fdez Méndez, with more than 16 years of profession as Club Manager (Rivapadel, R3 Mejorada, Padel Soleil and Indoor Padel Training), and the collaboration and argument of some of the best and most experienced MANAGERS of Padel Clubs in Spain who share their knowledge about the “own strengths” that have made them a world reference.